Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christine Quinn Sold Out: OccupyWallStreet Protest Permits

Who holds the power in the City .. well the Mayor and his Real Estate friends followed by him mini-me Speaker CHRISTINE QUINN. The two of them are more responsible for the lack of a full service hospital and a trauma 1 emergency room than any other politicians.QUINN's close ties to the Real Estate industry lobbyists is no secret .. just look at her campaign funders. QUINN actively refused to advance to the Council floor discussion of commercial rent stabilization. By her actions her very own district has been transformed from a diverse community of small business owners into a retail feeding ground for the rich. She may think she is a 1% er. But in reality QUINN has allowed herself to be a tool of their political agenda. Yes she may get those private jet trips and and all the perks the 1% reward their "friends" but it may be eye opening for her to read up on what happened to Oscar Wilde when he no longer was amusing to his rich friends. This blog entry is just one more example of how a self-identified "progressive" has been in fact a leader against freedom of assembly and free speech. Just like when she says "I want a hospital" to the press and the public, but did NOTHING to get one. Instead since day one of the bankruptcy she has fought only for an urgent care center. First she lobbied the State Department of Health to give to one of her "special" interests, Village Care (the same agency that under her watch and protection closed the only nursing home in the West Village), for $10,000,000 to convert the second floor of a small health clinic into an URGENT CARE center (OMG!) Run by Long Island Jewish Hospital. Christine Quinn is no progressive, A small group of political bloggers have had the courage to tell the truth about Christine Quinn politics, It is her politics that matter. Not her sexual orientation nor her red hair or her issue grandstanding. It is her record that matters .. latest is her refusal to support a living wage because one assumes the Mayor is against it. her latest She will spin and spin and spin to confuse the public on how she supported a Hospital. But it is a BIG POLITICAL LIE. She is responsible for no investigation of the criminal fraud and financial malfeasance that went on bringing about the closing of St Vincent's Hospital in her very own Council district. QUINN walked away from the health needs of her constituents to stay in the favor of the power establishment she needs for her run for Mayor. She used her own approved Community Board leaders Brad Hoylman, Keen Stassen-Berger and es-Community Board Chair to do her dirty work and advance hr agenda. QUINN is responsible by her lack of leadership for the building of luxury BLOOD condos while some of her constituents will die in transit across a traffic snarled street to the Hospitals on the East Side of Manhattan. She is the lesbian Lady Macbeth,, and her hands are blood stained Read this blog entry .. which she tried to censor .. and see how talk is cheap and acitons what matters when it comes to Quinn

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Christine Quinn Sold Out: OccupyWallStreet Protest Permits

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